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Duo Cleanse

$69.00 AUD

Did you know you should be cleansing your skin twice? Especially if you wear makeup throughout the day or sunscreen that can block pores and cause breakouts this is why we created our Duo Cleanse Pack!

Jojoba Oil Cleanse uses plant oils to melt away makeup and wipe away pollutants on the skin with ease. Fortified with natural occurring vitamins helps to clean your skin without stripping your natural oils.

Pure Cleanse is a foaming cleanser that gently washes away any excess oils and assist in exfoliation with fruit acids otherwise knowns as AHA's. Using this straight after the Jojoba Oil Cleanse will help prevent breakouts by clearing clogged pores of any debris or excess oils.


We have also incorporated our Aesthetic Life Face Towel FREE valued at $8.95.

This incredibly soft microfiber towel removes EVERYTHING sitting on the surface of the skin when combined with our Double Cleanse Power Pack you are guaranteed clear skin that can breathe.


Combined value of $98.80 for only $69 for a limited time while stocks last and FREE SHIPPING standard Australia wide!!!

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