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Vegan Skin Care: Better for You, Better for Our Environment

Vegan Skin Care

Over the last decade, the term ‘Vegan’ has become better understood by wider society. Though it is commonly associated with diet, the general principles of the lifestyle choice can be applied to skin care.



There are many benefits to a vegan skin care regime. From the type of ingredients used, to the natural protection from nature, vegan skin care is designed to be gentle for sensitive skin. Any product that it is correctly labelled as ‘vegan’, will not contain any ingredient from or derived from an animal.



The benefit? When you choose a vegan skin care product from a range like Aesthetic Life’s, it means you are getting a product full of beautiful ingredients crafted by nature, loaded with essential nutrients.



Benefits of a Vegan Skin Care Regime



No Animal Testing



Vegan skincare does not require testing on animals. This means you can be assured that ingredients used are marked as safe without the need to test on animals. Given the damage that testing can cause to a range of animals, from mice to primates, it’s a good feeling to know that the skin care products you are selecting are only focussed on good. It’s alarming that each year, over 100 million animals are subject to product testing. Vegan skin care makes a considerable difference to our world, limiting climate change and soil erosion along the way.



Nourished Skin



Vegan skin care is primarily derived from plant and earth ingredients; gentle, nourishing and loaded with beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. Botanical leaves, seeds, roots, and oils are generally well tolerated and effective for a range of skin types. Natural earth ingredients such as clays are mineral rich powerhouse ingredients with many benefits for your skin.



Protect Your Skin



There is an incredible number of antioxidants and vitamins which combat the day-to-day battles our skin is subject to. Vegan butters and oils offer a naturally protective and luxurious feeling to our skin.



Feel Good – Inside and Out


Taking control of what skin care you consume often translates to the way you shop. Aesthetic Life skincare line presents a smart choice as it is proven free of animal by-products. Remember that to look good you must feel good about what you are putting in your body and on your skin!



While the vegan movement is defined as a movement that excludes animal-derived ingredients, many vegan companies are also proud to be ethically conscious and ethically sourced, thereby avoiding the encroachment on the habitats of animal species, exacerbating deforestation, or disrupting animal habitats in any other ways.



Similarly, Aesthetic Life is committed to providing you with vegan skin care products that put the health and safety of you, our animals, and our earth first. Beauty is possible without harming 100 million animals a year. We promise to do our part. Will you do yours?


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